Human-Avian Bond Survey (Anderson, 2014). : Updating the Human-Animal Bond

Human-Avian Bond Survey (Anderson, 2014).

by David Anderson on 10/19/14

Anderson, Patricia K.

Social dimensions of the human–avian bond: parrots and their persons. Anthrozoös. 2014 Sep; 27(3): 371-387.



            The 48-question survey on the human-avian bond revises an initial survey (Anderson, 2003). Subjects of the questions included are listed on p.372-373, including (…“five Likert scale questions [my birds are family members, beds are sentient beings with thoughts and feelings, my bird uses human language meaningfully, I understand my bird’s natural body language and vocalizations, and birds have souls or spirits]). Likert scale response options were: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree.” The methods included ethnographic observation at a veterinary clinic specializing in avian medicine and qualitative analysis using grounded theory on essays completed by respondents.

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