Pet Owners’ Needs during Pet Loss (Fernandez-Mehler et al., 2013) : Updating the Human-Animal Bond

Pet Owners’ Needs during Pet Loss (Fernandez-Mehler et al., 2013)

by David Anderson on 10/07/14

Fernandez-Mehler, P.; Gloor, P.; Sager, E.; Lewis, F. I.; Glaus, T. M.

Veterinarians’ role for pet owners facing pet loss. Veterinary Record. 2013.


The questionnaire is designed for completion by veterinary clients when visiting the veterinary practice for consultation in regards to euthanasia and their own expectations and satisfaction with veterinarians. Designed for both German Swiss (Die Bedürfnisse der Tierhalter beim Verlust eines Tieres) and French Swiss clients (Les besoins des propriétaires d’animaux lors de la perte d’un animal).

The article and the questionnaire are available from the website (Accessed 18 Mar 2013).

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