Stuffed Animal Attachment Questionnaire, SAQ (Cromer & Freyd, 2004) : Updating the Human-Animal Bond

Stuffed Animal Attachment Questionnaire, SAQ (Cromer & Freyd, 2004)

by David Anderson on 10/07/14

Cromer, L.D.; Freyd, J.J.

            Stuffed animals, pets, and dissociation; poster presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual conference, February 12 to 16, 2004, Seattle, USA.

            As cited in Barlow et al., 2012, for which see below.

Developed by Cromer and Freyd, “SAQ is a 20-item, self-report questionnaire using 4-point Likert-type scales for responses: from 0 (Not at all true) to 3 (Very true). It inquires into participants’ attitudes towards stuffed animals as heirlooms and keepsakes, as having a personality, and as capable of providing love.” From p.115.


Used in:

Barlow, M. Rose; Hutchinson, Cory Anne; Newton, Kelsy; Grover, Tess; Ward, Lindsey.

Childhood neglect, attachment to companion animals, and stuffed animals as attachment objects in women and men. Anthrozoös. 2012 Mar; 25(1): 111-119.


            Also used the Pet Attachment and Life Impact Scale, PALS (Cromer & Freyd, 2004) and the Multidimensional Neglectful Behavior Scale (Straus, Kinard &Williams 1995)

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