Assessing the Human-Animal Bond : a Compendium of Actual Measures by David C. Anderson.  Purdue University Press, 2007. 

ISBN-10: 1-55753-424-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-55753-424-8

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eBook, released 2014
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        Within the last thirty years the study of the impact of companion animals on people has evolved from a hobby of pet owners to an appreciation of the human-animal bond as a recognized concept. The human-animal bond is now even an area worthy of scientific study at institutions of high learning all over the world. It is a topic of study in a variety of academic disciplines, including psychology, nursing, geriatrics, child development, social work and animal behavior. There is ever-developing evidence that the bond between people and their companion animals contributes to improved human health.

        From the very beginning researchers have struggled with how to assess the nature of the bond, for without that understanding, appreciation of the complexity of the interaction would not be possible. Scholars from a variety of disciplines have developed and validated a number of measures to assess the bond. Many researchers spend as much time tracking down the published measures they may use as they spend in planning their own research. David Anderson has put the major recognized instruments for measuring the bond in one place. He has included, as available, the appropriate citations and notes on validation of individual measures.

        All researchers who are interested in studying the human-animal bond will find this book one of the most used books in their library. It is the resource book that everyone said was needed, and now is available.

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Assessing the Human-Animal Bond

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