David Charles Anderson 
Librarian, Bibliographer and Poet
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David Anderson is a poet, a retired librarian and bibliographer. As a poet, he uses ordinary and a few extra-ordinary words to delight and please his audience. 

His poems have been published in Adirondack Review, Brevities, California Quarterly, Little Town USA, Medusa’s Kitchen, Radix, Rattlesnake Review, Song of the San Joaquin, Time of Singing, and the anthology, Wine, Cheese and Chocolate.

He maintains an email list which distributes one of his poems a month. To be placed on David Anderson’s Poetry Letter, email him at [email protected]

His 2005 chapbook of poems, Not Made by Hand, is out of print.

His 1984 book, From Solomon’s Songbook: The Odes of Solomon in Poetic Paraphrase is available from him. Check below on “From Solomon’s Songbook.”

He is presently compiling a reading on CD, At Eighty-Eight. To be informed of its availability, email him at [email protected]

A selection of his poems is available on this website. Check the link below for, "A Sheaf of Poems." 

RockyDell Resources was David Anderson’s former information business with an emphasis on animal issues, ranging from animal-assisted therapy to the impact of visitors on zoo animals. Through 2006 he continued to supply bibliographies of the human-animal interactions literature to Pet Partners (formerly The Delta Society) and the International Society for AnthroZoology (ISAZ).

Humans & Other Species: H&OS, (also called, The InterActions Bibliography: TIB), the quarterly bibliographic subscription journal published through the 1990s by RockyDell Resources was sold in 2000 to the American Veterinary Medical Association. For information on current access to the contents, contact Gail C. Golab, American Veterinary Medical Association, 1931 North Meacham Road, Suite 200, Schaumburg, Illinois 60173 USA, telephone (817) 916-8070, fax (817) 925-1329; email:  [email protected] 

The bibliographic columns he prepared for the ISAZ Newsletter, November 2001 to Summer 2008 are available in the online versions of the newsletter at the ISAZ website,  http://www.isaz.net/isaz/newsletter/
His book, Assessing the Human-Animal Bond: A Compendium of Actual Measures (Purdue University Press, 2007) is available through the book trade. To order from Purdue University Press, check below on “Assessing the Human-Animal Bond.” Orders from the Press website are available at a 10% discount. Currently (May 2019) this book is being revised by the Assessing the Human Animal Bond team. Contact them at  [email protected] 

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Contact him at

David C Anderson
1166 Ashford Lane
Lincoln CA 95648-3259 USA
    (916) 408-0110 phone
    (916) 390-0497 cell
[email protected]


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